The Foundation

The foundation was formed to honor the memory of Damiano and its purpose is the prevention of juvenile violence and to assist the families involved. The loss of a child is such a tragic event that is impossible for parents to ever come to terms with it, regardless of how it happens. In this case it is impossible to find any sense in what happened. It is for this reason that we decided to constitute a foundation that deals with the problem of violence and, if this brings something good, maybe the death of Damiano will not have been without purpose.

Circumstances brought Damiano, a young man who was an example of all that is “good” in the youth of today, to find himself exactly in that place and moment to become a victim of the worst brutality one could imagine. Such an extraordinary event created much comment, as well as a deep emotion in the whole population. I thought very often about this and the conclusion I was able to draw is that his destiny really had to be that of the “perfect” victim so that public opinion would bring attention to the problem of juvenile violence as well as to give the authorities permission to bring security back to our country. The activities of the foundation are spontaneous and have been coordinated with the various entities and the qualified authorities.

Maurizio Tamagni, Damiano’s father